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Related post: Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 17:23:52 -0500 From: Leila Benson Subject: Re: The nudes sex childrens Rest Of My Life (Part - 5) Lesbian/Beginning; (F/f)Part 5 "Another beautiful Day"This is my first attempt to write a story to achieve a long-felt ambition. I had read some erotic pieces before, and some were very good indeed. Still I wanted see if I could reach out with just words and achieve the children xxx porn desired effect. Which of course, is turning you on! The very first story I wrote was published some months ago. It was called "Joan and I " That story became a Chapter in this much longer story which I'm now trying to break up into chapters or parts. I would love to know if I had my desired effect. This story describes about six months in the sexual transformation of a teenager as she discovers her powerful sexuality. While it focuses on Lesbian relationships, there are some graphic (F/m) parts. What can I say, it's my life. It's very much taken from life. I guess you might say it's mostly a true story. If this kind of story is problem for you go no further. Central characters - Molly, a 16 year old. Allison, the friend and mother she baby sits for, and other friends and lovers. Leila Benson Part # 5I childlover porn pics woke up with the sun playing on my face, not quite knowing where I was. When consciousness slowly began to return, it was with an increasing mixed feeling of warmth and anxiety. The child hardcore bed still had the child free galery faint sexual smell of last night. I felt warmth for the loving close memories, mixed with concern as to how last night would change my relationship with The Bogart's in ways that were entirely unclear to me as I lay there stretched out like a big cat naked gap childrens dresses as the warm sun played on my body.I ukrainians nude childs had almost dozed off again when I heard footsteps outside the door. Allison came in with a big smile. "I was just coming to see if you were awake." She came over and gave me a sweet kiss on my forehead. I tilted my head up, and gave her quick kiss on her lips. "Mark child porno japanese has gone to pickup Cindy and should child modles galleries be back in a few hours. child panty naked He took her shopping for a few things. After lunch were going to go over to the country club for a round of golf. We should be home about 5:30. I don't remember if I told you, I think I did, Lin is coming to stay overnight. She may arrive before we get back from playing." hentai child panties Allison had told me when she had invited me the previous week, so I knew we would not be alone all weekend. Knowing we were going to be joined by Lin was porn children incest a mixed blessing. On one hand, I simply didn't want to share Allison and Mark. On the other hand, it sort of took some of the pressure off being the "other woman". Allison continued. " I really would really appreciate if you would welcome them. I know you've met Lin at the house. She erotica gallery child knows who you are. Lin remembers you." I had another thought, I wondered children porno clips if Allison had said anything to Lin about our "relationship"? So, I asked her directly. "Allison have you said anything to Lin about us or I guess I should say me?" I was a little embarrassed asking but not knowing I knew would be children pussy gallery worse. Allison looked down at me. Her expression had changed, and in a serious voice, she reminded me that she had told me that our relationship and anything that happened between any of us, certainly including Mark, was absolutely our affair and was strictly confidential and I would never pretten child nude have to concern myself about it. If I wanted her to share anything, that was purely my decision. She reminded me that She had told me this after our first sexual encounter. I really trusted both Allison and Mark, but this was hard, at the same time, I didn't know Lin at all. " Gee Allison, I really don't know what to say. I really don't want you to have secrets from someone who's obviously important to you and Mark. In some ways, I think it would be a lot more relaxed if Lin knew. So, I guess I'll leave it to your judgement. Just so you confide in her as soon as you can so I don't have to chillporn movies focus on it. Ok?" Allison looked down at me fondly and said. " I think that's a good decision. I'll talk to her as soon as we have a minute alone. You can count on me. Come on downstairs, have some breakfast and relax. I'll make some fresh coffee. Do you drink coffee?" I assured her I did and that I was starving. childrens crinoline slips I hopped out of bed, showered and dressed and came downstairs to the enticing smell of fresh brewed coffee and bacon frying. It was a gorgeous day and my heart was filled with pleasant anticipation. I felt in some way that childrens sex pics my life was blossoming day by day.I helped Allison pick Roses and mulch her Rose bed. She had Roses for cutting; others for just their look and some that were just there for their intoxicating odor. She explained how they got their names how they needed to be cared for. I was impressed with her obvious children porno top enthusiasm and expertness. It was fascinating learning about someone you cared about. I adored the idea that she loved to take care of living things.Mark and Cindy drove up just after eleven. I helped to carry some more groceries inside. Then the three of us went for a swim while Allison got some lunch together. Cindy bubbled on about her friend Ben and her sleepover. Everything was relaxed and fun. After lunch, Allison and Mark took off for the Golf Club. Mark was building a tree house for Cindy in an old Red Maple in the backyard. He had built a study ladder and had framed in the house and had finished the floor. He asked us if we would like to carry up wood that he had precut to store in the tree house so that the next day we might child asian pics complete the house. We spent the next hour or so carrying cut boards up the ladder and stacking the wood on the floor. We were both perspiring so we changed again and went for a quick swim and then a canoe ride around the lake. We were having a great time. On the way back to the shorefront, I saw that someone was standing and waving at us. I realized that it was Lin. Cindy recognized her first and was delighted that Lin had arrived. We quickly paddled in and Cindy popped out of the canoe to give Lin a big squealing hug. I recognized her immediately. She was tall and very slender with dark close cropped lustrous black hair, full lips and dark slightly Asian eyes. She was very pale next to Cindy and I, who were brown from a summer of sunlight. " I remember you. Your Molly. We met some time ago. It's great to see you again. Allison told me you would be here." She extended her hand to me and we shook hands in what could have been a formal greeting, but her personal warmth was so apparent that it felt so natural, it wasn't the least bit stiff. I liked her immediately. She was wearing a long light linen jumper with a pale matching pull over. Very simple and elegant. She asked Cindy all sorts of questions about her summer at camp and Cindy was chatting happily away answering child piss pics her questions while we helped Lin carry her things and some gifts into the house and to her guest room right next to mine. She had a gift for Cindy. Which Cindy excitedly opened. It was pair of binoculars and a bird guide. Cindy seemed extremely pleased by the rather grownup gift and rather proudly named all the birds that she was already able to identify. The gift was definitely a hit.Lin teans children sex wanted to know about my summer. child nude russian She somehow knew childporno pix that I had been an Art Councilor at Camp. She told me that she had been a dance councilor when she was sixteen and did it for three years. We all sort of hung out pleasantly for an hour or so. Cindy was looking at birds at the feeder and proudly naming them. We told her how impressed we were by her skill. She was very pleased.Allison and Mark came home changed and went for a dip. I went to my room to change. I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes and the next thing I knew I heard some gentle knocking on my door. I realized childporn links that I had slipped off to sleep. I was a little disoriented. I cleared my throat and said," come in." Allison came in and asked me if everything was ok. I told her I must have slipped of for a minute or so. She laughingly told me child nonude pics it had been almost two hours and supper was almost ready. I was embarrassed, but she assured me it was just fine. "I'm sure you needed it." Now that I was fully awake, I did feel renewed. Allison bent down and gently kissed my lips."I had a nice talk with Lin. I was very straight. I told her you didn't want any secrets from her. She said it made her feel very close to you. She was touched by your gesture. So, you can relax about it. I'm sure you'll love her. She's very special. I'm sure you know that." I did feel a great swell of relief. I felt like another chapter was about to begin. The light kiss and knowing that beautiful Lin, Allison's lover knew about my sexual life was stirring to me. Allison added. "Look Molly, you can do or not do whatever you want. It's important that you feel free to experience whatever you want in the time and space that you need. Don't ever feel that you're expected to do anything. Don't ever feel intimidated by anything that takes place. It's your self sweet child porno that we care about and want nothing more than for you to have experiences that feel right for you. I want you to remember that nothing will ever happen that you don't desire. I promise you that above everything. You understand?" I assured her I did, and was once again touched by her obvious sincerity and warmth. At that moment it was clear why she was so loved and desired.Allison told me that supper was in fifteen minutes. She gave me a hug and left.I washed dressed and came down to a delicious supper.I was feeling relaxed and nakde children much calmer. Lin was very interested in teaching art to young people so we exchanged stories on our camp experiences. Cindy was fascinated by the stories but was so sleepy that naked pics children she was fighting to stay awake. Allison finally took her upstairs with minimal protest. I promised I would stop in after Allison came down and that satisfied her. In a few minutes I went naturist child gallery upstairs while red children porno Allison slipped out of the room, I entered. I could see that Cindy was moments away from sleep so I murmured a few pleasantries gently rubbed her back until her breathing slid into that relaxed sleeping sound. I put on her little bunny nightlight and slipped out. Mark and Lin had cleaned up and Allison was bringing some dessert out on to the screened porch. Lin looked lovely in a long light denim skirt and a thai child xxx Mexican embroidered short sleeve Chambray blouse. Her slender beauty again stuck me. Allison, who I think is beautifully proportioned, was at least four inches shorter. I had also changed into fresh cut off jeans and a polo shirt not very stylish by comparison. Lin's outfit was so "right" without being in anyway "stylish". She had such natural beauty. So different than Allison who I also think of as being so lovely to look at.Lin patted the seat on the couch next to her for me to sit down there. Which I did. " Well I understand camp was quite a powerful personal experience." Lin was so direct in her interest that it almost took my breath away. I was embarrassed for a moment. I could actually feel my face flush. That lasted for just a short time. Lin's gaze and expression was so warm and interested that I almost immediately felt comfortable. I nodded my agreement. Lin asked me if it was a problem that Allison had told her something of my experiences. I assured her that it was "just fine", that I wanted they're to be absolutely no secrets between myself and someone who was so important to Allison. Lin smiled at my answer and held both my hands and squeezed them. "Well Molly I want you to know how honored I am by your trust. Allison's free pics child description was so intense that I must admit it even got me a little excited." She laughed slightly at the "excited" part but she was very sincere. "You know Molly, Allison and I had to wait until we were almost eighteen. You beat us by two years! I'm a little jealous." She said smilingly. Mark was sitting in a chair across from the couch reading. He seemed not to be involved in our conversation. Allison was lying down on the other children hard fuck side of the couch with her bare feet touching Lin's right side. Allison was listening quietly as though she was a proud parent. Lin asked me a few questions that were so direct that I was momentarily stunned. Questions like, " did I have an orgasm the first time I made out with Joan?" Or, "When had I first started to masturbate?" Yet her attitude was so interested, calm and mater of fact that I was disarmed by the questions and I guess sort of flattered by the attention. From the corner of my eye, I could see that Mark was almost drifting off to sleep. He finally excused himself and headed off upstairs. Allison by now child porn stars had put her feet in Lin's lap, where Lin was playing with them. Lin's hands were extremely delicate with long tapered fingers and beautifully shaped short nails. I could see that Allison was enjoying the nude child manga foot massage by her contented expression and her encouraging sounds directed to Lin. I answered her questions in children schoolgirl porn the straightest way I could, neither exaggerating nor withholding. I felt, I guess you might say emboldened by the attention. I asked Lin if she had ever had sex with Allison and Mark. They both were delighted by my boldness. "Well Molly," Lin said, " Mark was the first guy who I slept with and Allison the first girl and the first threesome was the three of us. child sex paysite So the answer is yes!" Lin continued to play with Allison's feet. " We still do once in a while when it suits the three of us sexually, but we make certain that neither of us feels coerced into it. It has to be mutual. That's the only way it should work. Have you ever watched lovemaking Molly? " Lin asked. I told her I had watched last night and I had seen illegal child free a video a few times. Lin fotos child nude wanted to know if I found it hot. I admitted that I had. Allison told me that some times they like to watch and not take part. "Its called voyeurism. It's very sexy. You can just watch. It feels great and you don't have to worry about doing anything. It's like prolonging an orgasm for a long time. It's very intense. Mark adores watching me make out and I love knowing he's watching and enjoying himself. It's another way of sexually giving and having." There was no question that this talk was indeed arousing me. I could feel myself flush and warm to the conversation. Allison suggested that I sit in the club chair that Mark had just vacated and I did. I could still feel the heat from Marks body and I found his phantom presence strangely exciting. Allison reached behind her back and turned of the lamp. That left some lights glowing in the gallery hall to the kitchen and a small night light on the upper stair landing. The room was now in deep shadow with a gentle glow backlighting the couch and Allison and Lin. I realized that I was now almost completely in the shadows. Allison quietly asked if I was comfortable and I assured her I was. "Well Molly children xxx pic you just relax, you don't have to child rompl videos do anything at all. It's completely up to you. You deserve a rest." As she said that she sort of blew me a kiss and I returned it. It was so dark where child girls pictures I was, I'm not sure she saw it. Allison told me to wait where I was; they would be right back. Both of them got up and went up the stairs. In a few minutes, they quietly returned. Allison put some nice soft music on. Both came over to where I was sitting. Allison gently brushed my cheek and hair with her fingers and Lin bent down and kissed me gently on the side of my neck. I knew immediately that they child porn yo were reassuring me that they were including me in their circle. I was touched by the gesture.They both were wearing long light robes. Allison's I could tell was a Very light pale yellow taffeta. Lin's was almost like a gown. I think it was a light green silk in a kind of oriental style with a high collar, which was loose, and a long slit up both legs. It was very exotic looking. It was held closed with frogs instead of buttons. I had never seen anything like it. As they moved, I was very aware that the light behind them revealed their bodies through the fabric. I admit it was extremely erotic to look at. Lin's breasts were smaller than Allison's. They were however perfectly formed and I was very aware that her nipples were erect and large. I could also see through the fabric, which revealed her public hair, which seemed quite unexpectedly lush. I was taking in everything. This was all revealed to me in a moment as they readjusted themselves on the couch. Allison's head was away from Lin, with her head on a pillow. Her legs were now across Lin's lap. Lin reached across, bent down and gave Allison a quick kiss. She then picked up her foot and continued where she had left off before. She carefully and tenderly did her foot using strong and gentle strokes, then slowly moved up her leg. Allison would make little sounds of encouragement and pleasure. Lin had by now pulled up the robe so all of Allison's legs were revealed and Allison had moved down somewhat so that everything japan sex childrens but her ass was across Lin's lap. Lin had by now moved to Allison's other leg and was stroking her thigh and Allison's legs were now apart. Allison reached back and removed the pillow from behind her head and thrust her hips up and put the pillow under her butt. Lin bent down towards Allison and kissed her deeply for what seemed a child porn net long time. I could not see clearly. Their faces were in shadow, but I could actually hear the sounds of their lips and tongues in each other's mouths and the sharp change in their breathing. After what seemed an eternity, Lin straightened up and helped Allison get settled in this new position. "That was delicious." Allison said breathlessly. "If you're good to me maybe I'll let you teach Molly how to kiss, if she would like that". I heard myself agree immediately. "I guess she doesn't need convincing Allison." Lin continued to stroke Allison's inner thighs. "So good, so good". I heard Allison whisper again and again. After some minutes I became aware that both my sight and hearing were so tuned into them both, that I could see and hear a lot more than I could in the beginning. I could see that Lin's hand was now directly between Allison's legs and from the sound of Allison's change in breathing was stroking her pussy. Allison's breathing childporno videos was getting increasingly ragged and deep and she was moaning and her hips were now thrusting towards Lin's hand. Allison yelled out. "Stop. Wait, wait I don't want to cum yet! Please not yet, not yet, wait!" Lin did stop, and bent down and held Allison for a short time. I could just barely see her kiss Allison's face and I could hear Allison's breathing return to a calmer state. "Whew" Allison exclaimed. That was delicious. I owe you. You almost sent be over the cliff. Wait I want to pee and get something. I'll be right back. Molly, you ok?" I assured her I was just fine. Even though by now I was in a very turned on state. russian children nudist I hadn't dared touch myself at all and I realized I was sitting with my hands tightened and only released them with Allison's question.Allison went into the bathroom and then the downstairs guestroom. Lin looked over and also asked how I was doing. I told her watching them was very strange. It was something new and I had to admit it was very exciting. "I know it is." Lin replied. And believe child incest story me, it's great discipline and it's a great way to sort of heighten the experience and postpone the inevitable." I had to think for a moment what the inevitable was, and then I realized nude children thai she meant having an orgasm. " You know Molly if you want you can touch yourself, or for that mater do anything you want except physically join in. Ok?" If you want to bring yourself off, go ahead, but try holding on if you horny children xxx can, and there could be a treat in store for you." I nodded in agreement. I didn't trust my voice at that point. Allison came back with some apparatus and dragging a huge blue comforter, which nudist child pics she spread on the rug in front of the couch and my chair. She came over to me, looked down and reached to my face held my head and kissed me quickly but photo littlle children deeply. Her tongue darted into my mouth. She stood back up, ran her finger on my lips and said, "you are so pretty in this light. Can you hold out? If you can, I promise you a reward." I again nodded. Allison placed what looked like a glass water tank with a sort of small bowl on top and two long tubes leading off from the top of the bowl. "Can I ask questions or do I just childsex paysites have to watch Allison? "No of course you can ask. This is something called a Hubely Bubely. At least that's what Mark calls it. I think because it makes a sort of noise that sounds like that when you use it. It's really something that Arab's use to smoke Tobacco or Hash. Do you know what Hash is?" "Yes" I said. "I've never tried it, but I heard about it." Allison set the water pipe just off children porno trailer the comforter by my feet. She reached into the back of a draw in the lamp table and withdrew a small beautifully carved box, which she opened. Inside was a small foil covered brick. Allison carefully unwrapped the foil to reveal a dark material that was obviously the Hash. "Molly I would really appreciate if after we light this Hash, you make certain that when we inhale it's lit. Ok? childtgp Here's a lighter, if you see the glow go out nude child pix light it for us. Think you can do that? You can take a few puffs to. But not too much. It's sort of strong and I want you to go easy. Alright?" I told her I would try. I tried pussy free child the lighter to make sure it was working. Allison broke of a few small pieces child vombat of the Hash and put a piece sex children gallery in the bowl. She took the lighter back. Lin moved on to the comforter. Allison flicked the lighter and shot a small jet of flame into the Hash. She picked up one of the tubes. Put the end in her mouth and inhaled deeply. The Hash glowed and I could both see and hear the smoke go into the water. It really did make a hubely bubely sound. I could see that Allison had taken it the smoke because some of it was coming out of her nose. The smell of the Hash was like some exotic perfume. Very sweet. Something like pot, but a very concentrated oily odor. Actually, I found it very pleasant. Allison was holding her breath with the smoke, and then Lin did the same thing. I was conscientiously watching the glow. It seemed ok, as each took a puff. Allison passed me the pipe and I put it in my mouth. "Draw deeply. It needs a lot of pressure. When you feel the smoke go in. Don't take in too much. Just try to hold it in. Go ahead. Just a little the first time, remember." I could feel the smoke in my mouth it was surprisingly cool. I carefully drew some smoke into my lungs. It was not as bad as smoking grass for the first time. I was able to hold it in for some time. I exhaled and passed the pipe back to Allison, who nodded at me, I nodded back to reassure her. I saw that the glow was going out so I shot some flame at the Hash as Allison drew in some more. The Hash had glowed to life. After a while I was taking in a puff about each third round. Allison had put in a nother small piece. When that was almost finished, Allison signaled me not to light it. Lin picked up the water pipe and seks child movie put it to the side of the couch under the lamp table. Allison pulled the couch pillows on to the comforter and they both lay down facing each other. All of a sudden, I was extremely aware of my heartbeat. It pubescent childfuck was like I had run a long distance. The unusual thing though, was brutal child nude that it felt wonderful. I was not tired but super sensitive and aware. I could actually feel the blood pumping through my veins with each heartbeat. I then began to feel my pulse in my vagina. It was a wonderful throbbing. I knew then, it was the Hash. I felt great! I was overcome by a warm floating, carefree feeling with a lily child strong child pornography tgp sexual undertone. It was hard to explain, but my nervousness or maybe I should say anxiousness had disappeared. It was replaced by a loving peace.Lin and Allison were on their side facing each other. Only their lips and tongues were touching. First one then the other would lick each other's lips, then the tips of their tongues would explore around the mouth. They would kiss deeply then lightly. I was absolutely fascinated by the power of their mouths and what they were doing to pleasure each other. There was no question that just watching and listening to the sounds of the kissing sucking and licking was deeply erotic and I was in quite a state of arousal. Of course, a lot of my feelings were coming from the Hash but I also knew this was a truly powerful thing to see and hear. All during this kissing neither one touched the other with anything but their lips and tongue. child bed pussy I was learning a great deal and hoped that my reward would be to be kissed child cunt pic like that and to be allowed that kind of pleasure. After what seemed like forever, they both lay back on the comforter, their heads on the couch cushions. Looking down at them I was extremely aware of how different they were from each other. It was especially striking in the glow of the dim light. Both of their robes were quite sheer, so I was very aware of the outlines and some of the details of their bodies. Their nipples were very erect. That was very apparent. Lin's were longer and darker, a deep brown with almost a touch of purple. Allison's were not as big and they were very pink. Even somewhat flattened from lying on their backs, they kdz child ped were very different. Allison's breasts were fuller and heavier. Lin's were slender and Pear like with dark prominent aureole and nipples. They were shaped more like mine but larger. Allison's shape was fuller, certainly not heavy, but womanly. You could see some swelling of her belly. Her hairless cunt made her pussy undefined through the robe's thin fabric. Lin's torso was very slender. Except for her prominent breasts, she was very boyish, so it was somewhat shocking to see her thick black public hair, which started a few inches bellow her lovely belly button in an expanding thicket. Lin's legs were long and slender, coming directly from her narrow hips. She had dark crimson nail polish. Allison's thighs were full and muscular leading down to prominent 3d child xxx calf's and surprisingly dainty feet. I realized that each ones lip's were somewhat swollen from their kissing, and was the color of their nipples. Somehow that realization was extremely erotic to me, and I again could feel my heart in my vagina.I also was aware that I was in complete forbidden naked child shadow. What little light there was, filtered in from behind the big club chair, shadowed me completely. I pulled my feet up onto the chair. I had for all intents and purposes, disappeared.I loved the idea! I felt invisible. Just as Allison said. I loved the feeling of not having to give anything. I had only to take in the atmosphere, and do with it as I wished. In a few minutes Allison slowly got up and went to an armoire, opened it and took out a small red leather bag. She returned and sat down with her back against the couch. She opened the bag and removed what appeared to be black underwear, except it had straps also. I could hear the sound of Velcro opening as she pulled the straps apart. I was intently concentrated on what was happening. She put this aside and then removed a small plastic bottle. Almost like a small shampoo dispenser. Then she reached in and from the bag she pulled out what I can only describe as a large erect flesh colored penis. I could hear my breath inhale sharply. I was astounded! It even had balls. It ended however in a kind of flat mushroom shape. It seemed to be at least eight inches long and quite thick. I could clearly see it was extremely realistic. I could even make out a little hole at the tip and veins along the shaft. I was fascinated, and more was to come.Allison lifted her robe. I drifted further back in the chair. I wanted too be as invisible as possible. She stepped into, what I could see now was not underwear, but some kind of strapped device. The straps were hanging loose. Lin by now was lying on her side lola child porn with her head propped up by her arm, also watching Allison intently. Allison reached down and took the shaft from the arm of the couch. She pulled her strapped panty open in the front and put the shaft in and then let it come out the front. Of course! I knew instantly that it was some kind of penis thing for woman. Allison pulled the straps tight and carefully adjusted the penis. Other than the black material and straps it was extremely real looking. The black material tightened on her beautiful body was also very provocative. Neither one even glanced at me. I was oddly grateful for that. Allison had removed her robe completely and was sort of sitting or leaning on the couch arm. She reached over and picked up the small dispenser and squeezed what appeared to be a jelly like substance on the cock and rubbed it in. I glanced at Lin who had a slight grin. Lin had childrens asses now opened her robe and had lifted her knee to reveal her pussy, which I now could really see for the first time. The contrast of her jet black public hair which began in a line from just bellow her navel to where it parted to reveal Lin's dark vaginal lips and the very pink inner lips and vagina was gorgeous to me. Seeing it made me short of breath. It was child angels naked the most thrilling sight of a pussy I could remember since the first time I saw Joan's wet mound. I think the Hash, also like grass, heightened my child masturbation forum senses, because I was now aware of the smell of sexual arousal. I was not sure if it was the others or I. My own aroma was very familiar nude child cuties but this was somewhat different. I think it was the mixture of all of our intimate perfumes. It was an intoxicating smell. I realized that my fresh cut off jeans were no longer fresh. There was a distinct wetness at my crotch. I became a little concerned I might stain the chair. It wasn't that bad but I found myself in a sort of strange state. I was so terribly turned on and stimulated by what was happening in front of me and the aroma entering my nose, that having to cope with the wetness between child sex xxx my legs was almost to much to deal with. I think I was helped by my sense of invisibility. I also was afraid to touch myself anywhere. I was so aroused that I thought that if I did I would slip into an orgasm without really wanting to yet. All children pussy fuck of this was swirling through my mind while Allison continued to wet her "penis". By now Lin was lying on her back with her head on a pillow and was holding her legs wide apart. I was astounded by how wide apart she was! Of course I realized she was a dancer, but even knowing that it was amazing to see her legs almost at right angles to her body. The lips of her vagina were completely revealed. The pink was even more apparent as Lin was playing with her own labia and clitoral hood. She was wetting her fingers from inside herself and there was a lot of moisture. Her public hair had sheen of wetness as did her thighs. She was making little mewing sounds and I could hear her breathing distinctly. Allison had stopped preparing herself and was watching Lin intently. For both of them, I was simply not there.I could see a one of three towels lying on the comforter just out of my reach. I became kind of obsessed with getting a towel without breaking the spell of my seeming invisibility. achilles tendon bulge Now was the moment. Lin's eyes were just about shut and Allison was totally focused on Lin's pussy. I reached out as far as I could, steadying myself on the floor with my other hand and reached. I quickly pulled the towel and myself back to the chair in an instant. I was not seen. While watching Allison I slowly slipped the towel under my ass and began to unbutton then remove my jean shorts. My panties came off with the shorts and I could gay boy child feel the cool air on my wet crotch. That cool air also slightly cooled my sexual ardor, which at that moment was welcomed.Allison was watching Lin and was, I guess you might say massaging the erect penis which was even more prominent because Allison was leaning back on the arm of the couch. In but a moment Allison went to chil porn collection her knee's in between Lin's outstretched legs, bent her head over and began to lick her. Lin almost screamed, but quickly placed the edge of the towel in her mouth so her sounds were now muffled. Allison lifted her head, her mouth was wet from Lin's juices and she had a slight smile. She put her finger to her mouth to give the sign to Lin to be very quiet. Lin nodded to her with the corner of the towel in her mouth. Her eyes were clearly imploring Allison and with Lin's pussy so invitingly opened to her, Allison put the head of the glistening cock on Lin's pussy lips. Lin was now thrusting her hips to what it seemed was an attempt to get Allison to thrust the cock into her. Allison finally did and Lin let out a low moan and thrust herself at the cock, which now entered her completely. Lin's legs were now wrapped around Allison and both were now rhythmically screwing. I was simply stunned child cum porno by the sight. Although I had watched Mark fuck Allison last night this was much more direct. I could both see and hear that Lin was about to climax. Her muffled child hardcore clips sobs were coming in time to Allison's thrusts. Allison was holding herself above Lin with her hands flat on the floor. As Lin seemed about to cum and Allison was moving faster and faster, she sort of fell child sexi into Lin and began to hug her. At that point, Lin climaxed. She was barely able to hold the scream in as her body convulsed then shuddered again. Allison stopped, waited a moment, then gave a few more thrusts and Lin shuddered again. I could see the spasms clearly in the muscles of her thighs and ass. Her face was contorted from biting the towel and concentrating on her orgasm. It was quite a sight. Allison was now lying quietly on Lin. She moved slightly to take her weight off but Lin's hand held her ass tight and seemed to want her where she was. Both of their breathing calmed down and Lin removed the towel from child ls magazine her mouth. I realized that I had been holding my breath and sucked in a welcome breath of air. I thought for a moment that the sound would draw their attention to me but they seemed not to notice me. I pushed back into the chair and drew my feet up so that even my feet childs porno galeries were in shadow. Lin was whispering something in Allison's ear, but I couldn't make out what she was saying. I had partially wrapped a towel around myself and I began to try to dry myself a little. Touching myself was almost too much, so after a few dabs I stopped. Allison finally pics sex children began to move off of Lin. She removed the panty cock device with a harsh tear of the Velcro straps. I could immediately see that Allison's crotch was very red from the straps and the whole device. She of cause had a shaven pussy and it looked irritated from the friction of the screwing. She was leaning against the couch arm again, with her legs somewhat apart. She had taken the dispenser and was dribbling the lubricant on her fingers and rubbing it into the irritated parts. Lin was slowly getting up. She stood up and walked a few steps to Allison. She leaned down, put her arms around her and kissed her. I was again struck by the contrast of their bodies. Lin, very pale with a black helmet of short hair, full lips, dark, matching the color of her aureole and long nipples, a long slender waist accented by the mound of black public hair glistening from her wetness. You could also see that her thighs were also wet. Allison, pink and so much fuller, but yet not the least bit heavy, just in contrast to Lin she was more solid. She had this wonderful little belly leading down to her sore bare pussy and such a full, beautifully rounded ass and thighs. All her erogenous parts were pink. I was so moved by the differences of their beauty that my eyes filled with tears. Lin moved away slightly and saw what Allison was doing with the lotion. "Am I the cause russian porn childs of all that? Let me do that." She took the dispenser from Allison's hand and squeezed some on the tips of her fingers. "God, Allison that was soooooo good. I'm so sorry it caused that." Lin reached down and gently began to rub the lotion into Allison's reddened mound. "Yes Lin, that's the way. Be very careful. I'm sore but also very stimulated and excited. Yes like that. That's good, very good." Allison had slid down on to the couch with her feet on the floor and her ass on the edge. Lin was now sitting at her feet with her head on her upper thigh while continuing to gently rub her. I could no longer quite see exactly what Lin was doing. I certainly could tell from Allison breathing, murmurs and the arching of her hips, that Lin had her fingers deep inside Allison's pussy. "That's good Lin. That's good. Don't stop. Don't stop. Please, yes, yes." over and over in a low murmur, Allison implored Lin. "I need to cum, please, ooooh fuck! Oh God." She was whimpering and nude child asia was holding Lin's hand in her pussy and grabbing the cushion of the couch with the other. She was careful not to yell out, but her writhing and low breathless exclamation's made it clear that Allison was about to cum. Finally she did with a muffled scream. Her hips kept thrusting spasmodically into Lin's Fingers. Lin urged her on with encouraging words. "Yes my darling, that's good, let it go, let it go, yes, yes yes. Give me all of it my darling." Allison finally finished with a long series of shudders. I could see the spasms clearly on Allison's thighs and ass. Her head was turned pussy child sexy away. Then she turned and I saw her grimaced face loosen into a relaxed sweet smile as the shudders diminished. To say I was in a strange state would be childsex russia an understatement. In a way, I felt that I had disappeared into Allison's orgasm. I was so caught up with the whole extraordinary moment. I was also feeling left out and abandoned. I also loved the feeling of just watching too. I guess this is what they call "mixed feeling". Lin sat down next to Allison on the couch and they kissed for what seemed a long while. Lin was petting Allison and I could see that Allison was still having little, I guess you might call them, after cums. I was also so sexually excited and wet, that I was desperate to bring my self off anyway child pic porn I could, but I didn't want to reveal myself by doing so. After a few long minutes Allison looked around the room and finally zeroed in on me, sort of huddled in the big club chair. childen porn "Come out my darling Molly". Those few words from her felt so good. It kind of broke the spell of my disappearance. Lin also looked over to me. I moved to the edge of the seat into a little light.Allison asked. "Was that ok Molly? I sure hope so. I would think of you watching every once and a while and that child stars modles thought made me even more turned on. See what I mean? Are you alright?" I was again moved by her concern. Lin was child brazil nudes looking at me porno fuck child in a loving way, which I also drank in. free xxxchild movie I could hardly control my voice. "Allison, Lin, that was beyond belief. I felt I held my breath for the whole time. I'm a mess. I got so wet and bothered I had to take off my bottoms and sit on a towel. Allison, I almost came with you just now just from watching and hearing you. You were so right. Boy it was terrific! I think I need to go to bed so I can finish what you nude child hentai started in my mind." They looked at me with sympathy and made understanding sounds. "Molly?" Lin asked. " I would love to give you something to help you sleep. You run upstairs. Get in bed. We'll straighten up here and I'll come up and tuck you in, children raped porno ok?" I quickly agreed, and started for my room. Lin's parting words upskirts child were, ""be patient don't touch yourself ok?" I agreed I would wait.
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